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Magrifers is a collection of original works of art that merge the works of surrealist master René Magritte with the modern masterpiece of Web3 culture, the mfers NFT collection.

René Magritte is a Belgian surrealist painter who lived from 1898 to 1967. He is widely regarded as one of the key figures of the surrealist movement known for his thought-provoking and dream-like images.

René Magritte worked as a commercial artist and designer before he became a famous surrealist painter. In his early career, he created advertisements and designs for various companies, and this experience influenced his later work as a fine artist. Magritte's experience in marketing and advertising gave him a keen understanding of how images could be used to sell products and ideas. Through his work, Magritte explored the relationship between art and commerce.

mfers are a leading cultural phenomenon in Web3 NFT communities. They carry CC0 trademark licensing, which means we can do whatever we want with them. The free-to-use licensing combined with the embodiment of Web3 culture are contributing to mfers being the leading NFT project bridging the gap between Web3 and traditional commerce. The Seizenal mfers project sits at the intersection between art and commerce. We found it fitting to initialize our project with a genesis collection that pays homage to the commercial designer, the surrealist master, René Magritte.